Summer Internship Grant Program 2012

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The Carr Center supports Kennedy School students seeking to further their interest in human rights through research and first-hand experiences with our summer internship grant program. The types of work funded by these programs not only allow students to gain first-hand experience relevant to their studies, but often prove to be life-changing experience as well. In addition, the talented recipients of these grants provide valuable services to human rights NGOs.

While it is not strictly a requirement, ideally, work done as part of a Carr Centered sponsored summer internship is intended to be relevant to and lead towards a student’s subsequent PAE/SYPA work.

Who is eligible:

Any first-year Kennedy School MPP, MPA-ID or MPA student is welcome to apply.

Preference will be given to those internships that bear some relationship to the Carr Center’s current programs or initiatives.

Carr Center for Human Rights Policy