Municipal Finance Journal

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Municipal Finance Journal

Volume 32,  Number 03, Fall 2011.  Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF

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Determinants of Private Sector Insurance Premiums on Municipal Debt Issues
pp.1-18 (18)
Authors:  Earl D.  Benson.; Barry R.  Marks.

The Impact of Default Risk Insurer’s Financial Distress on Insured Municipal Bonds
pp.19-36 (18)
Authors:  Chris  Brune, Ph.D..; Pu  Liu, Ph.D..

When Political Will Is Not Enough: Control Boards in Municipal Finance Restructuring
pp.59-86 (28)
Authors:  Harold  Horwich.; Seth  Pruss.

Complete Issue
pp.1-86 (86)
Authors:  W Bartley  Hildreth.