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During President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union Address he announced “a nonpartisan commission to improve the voting Obama2013StateOfTheUnionSpeech640_0experience in America.” He didn’t fully explain what the problems are with the “voting experience,” but one can surmise some of the features of our electoral process deserve attention:

  • Low Voter Turnout. Approximately 52-62 percent of eligible voters have participated in recent presidential elections, and participation in Congressional elections is typically lower.
  • Voter Demographics Not Reflective of the Electorate. The majority of voters in recent elections have been married, white people. While the U.S. made notable strides in reaching a representative voter turnout in 2012, the demographics are not yet representative of the eligible electorate.
  • A Negative, Costly Campaign Enterprise: The Federal Election Commission revealed that the 2012 presidential campaign cost the country $7 billion; and only one of more than 300 registered candidates requested public campaign funds. We need…

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    Sarah Ruen Blanchard escribió:
    febrero 22, 2013 en 3:36 PM

    Thank you for sharing my ASPA blog post! Looking forward to feedback, and dialogue on this topic. @sruenb on Twitter

    Gracias por publicar mi blog ASPA! Mirando hacia el futuro para el diálogo sobre este tema. @sruenb en Twitter

      Biblioteca Administración Pública respondido:
      febrero 24, 2013 en 1:04 PM

      Muchísimas gracias a usted por compartir información tan pertinente sobre política pública y gobierno. Los visitantes de nuestro blog enriquecen su conocimiento con artículos como el suyo. ¡Saludos desde Puerto Rico! Many thanks to you for sharing such relevant information on public policy and governance. Visitors to our blog enrich their knowledge with articles like yours. Greetings from Puerto Rico!

      Osvaldo D. Ocasio-Vélez, MIS
      Assistant Librarian
      Public Administration Library, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus


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